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What our clients are saying

Thank you very much for your advice, I made the mask by mixing a little S cream with a little Bain Viva. My skin was more luminous, radiant and very soft. A big thank you


I am 32 years old and I had problems with pimples on my face. After using la crème S, my problems have disappeared... for two years

Amélie G

I made a terrible wrong move and I could not exercise for months, until I started using Viva bath

Isabelle R

In 1998, I've started having pustular psoriasis on my feet. I saw several dermatologists, I tried many creams, among others with cortisone, dipping of all kinds, poultices and even chemotherapy photo treatments (PUVA) . After 3 consecutive days of soaking with Bain Viva, I noticed a clear improvement in the regeneration of the skin, so less desquamation and itching. I am very happy to have had the chance to try this product and I intend to not do without it anymore


I have been a loyal customer to Safia Derma since the beginning. They do not have many products, but the ones they have, worth like gold because they are effective and act quickly. Their latest X-Foliant is incredibly active and easy to use. It makes the skin soft and it smells good

Marie T

I am a esthetician, and since I have started recommending the use of cream S, my clients have noticed an immediate effect on their skin

Luce A