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Safia Derma

Munchkin et son noeud papillon

Start of the new blog


I am pleased to announce that I am the elected blogger for Safia Derma!
My name is Munchkin. I immigrated to Canada in June 2017, specifically on the 8th, just three days before my future Mom’s birthday. Between you and me, I don’t think it was a coincidence!

My picture and that of my other siblings had appeared on the web and bang, Mam and Pop came to pick me up from the breeder…. I think they fell in love at first sight!

I didn’t give the other babies a chance; it was me, they had no choice! I knew what to do to make them choose me: I hypnotized them…

With them, my dream finally came true!

Mom is a real mother: she is attentive to all my needs. On the other hand, Pop understands me less, but he would do anything for me!

While I was exploring the rooms in the house, I discovered one that was full of product boxes. Many people come to talk with Mam about the problems they have with their face; it’s not always a pretty sight… Then they receive a treatment and poof! smiles appear!

What does Mam do? Is she a magician?

I’ll let you in on a secret in my next blog!

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